Mob Lynching Meaning

In today’s article, Mob Lynching Meaning, moving forward the topic, what is mob lynching, its meaning, reasons for mob lynching, examples of mob lynching, constitutional provisions, Supreme Court guidelines, laws of state governments, effects, We will discuss in detail about the measures and conclusions to stop mob lynching.

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what is mob lynching?

Mob Lynching Meaning when an unruly crowd punishes a person guilty of a crime for a crime he has committed, or sometimes on the basis of a mere rumour, without having committed the crime, and thrashes him to death or injures him. Such action taken by this mob is called mob lynching.

That is, in simple words, when an incident is carried out by a mob, it is called mob lynching.
Mob lynching can be understood very well by an idiom that the crowd has no face.

Violence committed by bread in this way does not follow the legal process in any way, it is completely illegal.

Mob Lynching Meaning

Mob Lynching Meaning

There are two words for mob lynching, one is the mob and the other is lynching.
Mob means crowd and lynching mean punishment illegally.
That is, Mob Lynching Meaning the punishment given by the crowd.

Reasons for mob lynching

religious intolerance
Violence in the name of religion and caste has been going on in India for a long time. Due to intolerance, hatred and mistrust between any two religions or communities, the incidents of mob lynching are increasing.
That is, it can be said that hatred and mistrust have created a deep chasm between the majority and minority communities in our country and they use mob lynching to take revenge whenever they get a chance.

social media
Inflammatory speech on social media and messages full of superstition also result in such incidents.

lack of proper law and order
Those who are involved in mob lynching, know very well that their arrest is almost impossible because there is no proper law related to mob lynching in India, due to which the police administration is also unable to arrest these anti-social elements. has failed and this is the reason why some criminals resort to mob lynching to carry out their crimes.

vote bank politics
Due to the politics of vote banks by various political parties in India, a deep gulf of mistrust is created between two religions and communities, which also becomes the reason for mob lynching.

child theft charges
Allegation of child theft on a person is also one of the main reasons for Clean China. In this, when a child is stolen by a person or it is said that the child has been stolen by that person, then that person is beaten to death by the crowd.

example of mob lynching

The Pehlu Khan massacre in the year 2017 is an example of mob lynching in which some cow protectors were lynched to death on false allegations of cow smuggling

constitutional provision

In the Indian Penal Code, there is no clear mention of action against incidents like mob lynching, or murder section 302, attempt to murder, section 307, intentional reception, 323, rioting, rioting, 147, 148. Is

If a person is killed by any mob, action is taken by combining sections 302 and 849 of IPC and similarly, when an attempt is made to kill a person by a mob, action is taken by combining sections 307 and 149.

There is no specific law for mob lynching incidents even in CrPC

supreme court guidelines

The State Government shall authorize a senior police officer to translate translation in each district to prevent lynching.

The state government will quickly identify the places where recent incidents of lynching have taken place and the nodal officer will present the inter-district level issues related to mob lynching to the state DGP

Central and state governments will have to use or broadcast radio television and social media so that people involved in the incident of mob lynching will be severely punished.

All social media platforms where provocative and irresponsible speech messages are given should be banned and FIR should be lodged against them

state government laws

Following the guidelines given by the Supreme Court, Manipur was the first to pass a resolution against mob lynching in the year 2018 which included the following points

The Bill ensured that a nodal officer would be appointed in each district to prevent crimes like Lenzing.
The provision of the fine has been made for the failure of the police administration to stop the incidents of mob lynching in their jurisdiction.
Along with this, it was said to provide compensation to the victims of mob lynching.

After the Manipur government passed the bill against mob lynching, the state government of Rajasthan passed the bill against mob lynching in 2019.
Meanwhile, according to some statistics presented by the Minister of Parliamentary Affairs in the House, it was revealed that after the year 2014, 78% of the incidents of mob lynching in the country took place in Rajasthan.

After Rajasthan, a bill was also passed by the state government of West Bengal to stop the incidents of mob lynching, in which it was said that the persons involved in the incidents of mob lynching can be punished with imprisonment ranging from 3 years to life imprisonment. punishment is provided
And if a person dies due to mob lynching, then the provision of the death penalty or life imprisonment was also made for the persons involved in mob lynching.
So far, only the states of Manipur, Rajasthan and West Bengal have introduced bills related to mob lynching.

Effect | Mob Lynching Meaning

Article 21 of the Indian Constitution gives every person the right to live, mob lynching violates this fundamental right of a person.

Questions arise on the law and order of the state, due to which India’s ranking in the Global Peace Index is getting very bad.

Mainly affects both foreign and domestic investment here due to which our economy gets affected and our image gets tarnished internationally

Mob lynching gives rise to caste, class and communal hatred among different religions in our country

Measures to stop mob lynching

The laws suggested by the Supreme Court should be strictly followed
Strict action should be taken against social media where the propagation of rumours is more
State governments should pass a bill against mob lynching
Publicity should be spread on TV and Radio by the state and central government that criminals found in mob lynching will be given the harshest punishment.


We should follow the guidelines given by the supreme court to fight against incidents like mob lynching, for these criminals should be punished harshly, different political parties in our country spread hatred against other religions for their vote bank. People hurt their religious sentiments and it results in incidents like mob lynching, so we need to make strict rules on this.

We got detailed information about Mob Lynching Meaning in today’s article as well as what is mob lynching, its meaning, reasons for mob lynching, examples of mob lynching, constitutional provisions, Supreme Court guidelines, and states Very well understood the laws, effects, measures and conclusions of the governments to stop mob lynching.

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